16 September 2010

Collector's Fever

I've never been an obsessive collector of anything.

I was never the kid jumping up and down as a new box of cereal was opened, in the hope of scoring the latest plastic token or toy. An elderly aunt once tried to get me excited about stamps, but that lasted about a week. I was also happy enough with my Superstar Barbie and never felt the urge to have more.

I have never understood people who get all uptight about owning things, full stop. Bores me to tears.

(Probably why I also rank as a below average decorator and home-maker, if the truth be told!)

So I really caught myself by surprise this past year. 

I found my way here just by needing two bedside lamps for my children's rooms. Once I had 20 of them I had to admit to myself that I was officially a "collector" and now occasional seller through my little online shop.

How did I end up doing something that I never thought would happen? Have you ever done that? Share your thoughts and enlighten me :-)